Sharing code between I devices?

Is it possible to share code from codea between devices that has codea installed?
I’m buying codea on payday and really looking forward to getting started as I program for my day job … Granted its c# and java lol

Well wirewolf, look at the topic ‘Codea community beta’ it has been released a couple of days ago, and it’s a real wonderfull piece of code, so just put both of your iDevices online with the same useraccount… and then you can download your own back-upped projects :wink:

@Wirewolf86 only you need paste this code in a new proyect (function setup)

The installer :

    function(d) loadstring(d)() end,
    function(e) print(e) end

Is a perfect way for sharing proyects (developed by @Briafox , @toffer, and @ignatz)

Cool thanks guys. Appreciated :slight_smile:
Hope to be getting my hands on codea from Monday :slight_smile:

Also, I guess it’s not as cool as CC, but a while ago @dave1707 wrote a program to backup your projects to Dropbox. Code:

function setup()
    parameter.text("projectName", "")
    parameter.action("Save Project", saveProject)
    parameter.text("projectCode", "")

function draw()

function saveProject()
    local fileName = projectName .. ".txt"
    local file = os.getenv("HOME") .. "/Documents/Dropbox.spritepack/" .. fileName
    local data = ""
    local tabList = listProjectTabs(projectName)
    if #tabList > 0 then
        for a, b in pairs(tabList) do
            data = data .. string.format("--# %s\
", b)
            data = data .. readProjectTab(projectName .. ":" .. b) .. "\
        data = string.sub(data, 1, string.len(data) - 1)
        projectCode = data
        local wFd =, "w")
        print(projectName .. " - Save complete.")
        projectName = ""
        print(projectName.." - Invalid project name.")

You can copy the text from the file it makes and long press on “Add New Project” to out everything in their tabs, and (I think) in the same order.