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Hi everyone

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In this thread I’m posting promo codes for Codea 1.2. Please take them and give them to someone you think will enjoy the app. Share it with someone!

Reply with the one you took and I’ll cross it off.

[Unused codes are now invalid since the 1.2.5 update came out]

Took 1.

Thanks for this, I’ve asked a few people if they’re interested

I got 3 fellow programmers who have an iPad. 2 of them are users of Coders. May I take 3 promo codes? If I’m allowed, I’ll take number 2, 3, and 4. If I’m not allowed, how many codes may I take? Thank you.

Take three, @bee

Thank you, @simeon … 3 codes (number 2, 3, and 4) had been taken.

(I bet you let Bee take 3 just for the rhyme…)

I’ve taken 5.

(That’s number 5 on the list, not 5 codes.)

@andrew_stacey : You should take two, Andrew. Just for the rhyme. :smiley:

take 6,Thanks…

@bee Actually, I should have said: “I’ll follow Dave Brubeck’s advice and Take 5

lucky number 7

I’ll take number 8! Thanks!

Number 9, number 9, number 9.


(Beatles reference, to continue with the music theme.)

Number 10 taken!

I’d like one more, please, so I’ll take number 3 … in base 2.

(That’s 11)

I’ll stake a claim on 12, an even dozen.

But then the next person to take one has to be a baker.

I like to take 2. Number 13 and 14 Please.

@rashedlatif go for it. Let me know when you’ve taken them so I can mark them off.

its taken. Thanks simeon.