Shader Lab Fault in 1.5


I have now had a few times issues with the shader lab.

Specifically, If I have a particularly large involve shader, I can go in there, make a change, exit the lab and run my program. Everything is fine and the changes are visible in game.

But then, I end the game click the shader and edit to get back into the lab and my shader has reverted to it’s previous state losing my change. This is without exiting codea or anything.

Very odd.

Thank you for the report, @spacemonkey. That’s an odd one. I’ll look into it.

This only happens when launching the Shader Lab from the code editor?

Shader Lab from code editor is the only path I use, so not sure if it occurs elsewhere.

I’ve just had this happen to me as well. Same circumstances.

And then from using the Shader Lab directly. Exited and killed Codea, on restart it was back to normal.

.@Andrew_Stacey large shader file too?

.@Simeon Missed that. No, not what I would call large. Under twice the size of the default one.