Setting the FPS [ANSWERED]

Something I really hate about some games is their problem running on faster devices when programmed on a slower device (especially web apps). For instance, a platform game. Someone will get the speed hit right on one device, but will be much faster on the second. The first one would be lagging. So what I’m asking is I we can change the default FPS from 60 to whatever. We have the iPad 3 inning tommarrow, which is supposed to have a better processer, so this wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a normal gameplay speed or slower. So for now do I have to send out a pulse to all the functions to say update, or is there a way to do this. Back to monkey coder, this is possible in that.
P.S. I really would like the topOfKeyboard() and keyboardIsShowing() functions.

Rather than setting the FPS directly, you should use DeltaTime to modulate your motion — multiply your movement, velocities, and so on by DeltaTime to account for frame rate differences. The physics engine already does this internally so you don’t have to worry if you’re using physics to drive your motion.

We will add the keyboard methods (or something similar) — are they on the issue tracker? If not, can you add them?

Ok. Thanks.