Scroll gets hesitant at about 200 lines

(This might be just beta … one reason for posting here before putting on the issue tracker is to see if anyone else has the same experience)

I find that the scroll on code is very smooth up to about line 200, after which it gets jumpy - like it’s a bit sticky. Does anyone else find this?

I took a program and kept copying it to create one 2100 lines long. I scrolled from the bottom to the top and back down again and didn’t notice any hesitation. I was watching the line numbers and not the lines of code. Watching the code makes it look jumpy, but that’s probably because some lines are longer than the others. But when watching the line numbers, it looks smooth to me.


I tried playing around with the scroll again and I see what you’re talking about. There were times when the scroll almost stopped. I noticed that if the scroll speed isn’t very fast, it seems smooth. But trying to scroll fast, it appears to stop. I noticed that the line numbers jump by quite a bit. It’s like it hesitates while it jumps a few pages before it re-displays the code again.

@Andrew that could be an ARC bug, a pretty bad one by the sounds of it. I’ll look into it today.

Hi @Simeon, I’m using the ARC version beta with long code, and have had two crashes since yesterday. The scrolling crash happened when I scrolled down the long code immediately after opening it. Perhaps it was still indexing or something in the background?

Edit: PS it has certainly always been sticky when there are lots of numbers highlighted due to the spinnies feature.

I get the same

@Fred that’s correct. I looked at your crash reports and both were due to Codea indexing while trying to do something else. @Dylan has told me he’ll have a look at it tonight.