Saving long number strings in project data

Hi, I just encountered this issue with project data:

saveProjectData("test", "01000101001010000001010111100010101")

This outputs 1.0001009639802e+33, which means that number strings are saved as numbers instead of strings.

The only solution I have at the moment is to add a textual prefix, but that is really annoying. Shouldn’t strings be saved as strings?!

@jfperusse - I think everything is saved as strings, it is when it is loaded back that the problem occurs

@JakAttak, yes, I tried this.

@dave1707, that’s exactly what I meant by “The only solution I have at the moment is to add a textual prefix” :wink: That’s the solution I am using now.

Why don’t you try

saveProjectData("test", "01010010101000011010101000010")
strdat = tostring(readProjectData("test"))


Just a question… Is the string class immutable?

@aurumcoder2624 If you would have tried the code you suggested, you would have seen that it has the same problem as the original post.

I know, but tostring makes the data a string, so the problem is blocked.

Fine, I agree with u. :-L

I had this problem while attempting to save passcodes in my unsuccessful ( :expressionless: ) passcode project. I have to make do with file IO, as global data, local data, and project data all seem to treat a string of numbers and numbers instead of strings.

The e+ stuff is scientific notation, it’s used to shorten long numbers.

@jfperusse One way around the problem is to put a letter as the first character of the string. You can then remove the letter after you read the data back.

Did you try saveProjectData(tostring(10101010101010101010101010101000001))

I haven’t tried it but if the problem is that it is being saved as a number this might help? otherwise you could do it how Sky does.

@jfperusse See this post that I made in Sept 2012.

@dave1707, thanks! Interestingly, Simeon said he fixed it, and that was in 2012 :confused:

@Simeon Can you look at this then look at the link I have above to a previous Sept 2012 discussion.