Sandbox Gamecenter Leaderboard not current values

Currently I programing a game with a Game Center connectivity. I can report my highscores without problems. But the current send highscore will not appear in the Game Center (when the Game Center called directly from my app). Only when the game is restarted, the current values appears.
In the Game Center App the high score will appear immediately.
Does anyone know this problem?

I am not sure, which IDE are you using? Not Codea, for sure, but is it a Codea project exported from xCode?

@TheSolderKing Xcode, an exported Codea project…

Yes, its a Xcode Projekt from Codea exported.

In Codea 2.1 it works fine in the 32 bit simulator. But in the 64 bit simulator it still doesn’t work. :frowning: