rpg tile based game ?

has anyone atempted to make a tile based rpg game in codea ?
im new to lua and codea so im not sure if it can be done but i would be shocked to see something like that made on a ipad as a huge fan of the early zelda, pokemon, etc games made for gameboy

It is definitly possible to do that, take a look at this:

ouuh thats realy nice. im gonna atemt to make one inspired to zelda on the old gameboy, first i just have to learn how lua works iv been working with java for half a year and from what iv heard i should manage to learn it in good time. i would need to make a level editor for movement permission and tile placement and the core of the game ← those would be the hardest things

Not sure if you are still trying to build an RPG style game, but I have created most of the core elements for an RPG in this project:


I am essentially building RPG Maker for Codea. When finished I am hoping that anyone will be able to create their own RPG utilizing this project. So far I have map generation (with auto-tile and animated tiles), player/NPC movement animations, dialogue, map events (teleporting between maps, popups, etc.), and lots of room for the additional elements. The project can read an unlimited number of tilesheets, unlike RPG Maker, so you have a lot more customization at your fingertips.

Yeah @slashin8r. Your project is awesome and I test out every update. You really have something going on there.

Thanks for all the help. Your code has inspired me.

Where is the code

@lruizlopez Please stop bumping old threads, and he most likely PMed it to him.