Robot Explorer Game Preview

You might’ve seen my earlier post (By earlier I mean yesterday) asking about alpha support for LitMesh, and I mentioned my W.I.P. game, and there it is. A little preview of what I was working on.

I’ll release the sourcecode later, hopefully in a day or two, but I code fast, so I thought I should give you a little preview. Tell me what you think, and any ideas you have. Feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:

In the video, I use the three different camera modes; Third Person, Over Shoulder, and First Person. More may come soon, as I love cinematic camera movements. I explore through a randomly generated world which contains a grass floor, grass tufts, bushes, water pools, houses, and dirt patches. Everything is randomized, and the houses even have a large range of walls and floors to generate with. You can change the world size, generation rates, and generate as many new worlds as you want. (Please note that I’m nearly twelve years old, know Java, Python, and Lua, and that you shouldn’t judge people by their age.)


Wow… This is really amazing looking. Looking forward to seeing more!

Nice. I’d forgotten how shiny and plasticky LitMesh makes things… I’ll play around with it sometime, I’m sure it’s just a case of playing with the specular settings for more realism… Of course, if shiny is what you want then it’s perfect the way it is :wink:

I set the bump map power really high, so it was really shiny. It’s at about 0.025 or 0.0125 on everything. I like shiny. Shiny is good.