Requested features

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place for this post. If it isn’t feel free to delete it.

The work on Codea Community project shareing is going well. However there are a few features that would make it much more user friendly.

Note: Codea Community is a code shareing project that is currently in Alpa testing.

1 Access to current project name

Could we get a way to know the project name of the currently opened project? This would allow us to get the Info.plist from the current project. Currently Codea will place the project name in a newly created project in the form of:

– projName but there is no garentee that the user leaves this line of code in. Could the project name be stored as a global variable?

2 Access to clipboard

We are trying to allow users of Codea Community to copy a link that will open the linked project the next time codea community is ran. This is to facilitate code shareing on the forums. Could we get a function that returns the current contents of the clipboard and if so, could we have a way to clear it?

3 Create new project

Could we get a way to create a new project? This would allow users to download a project without having to have a previous project create.

Thank you,
Codea Community Team

Numbers 1 & 2 are simply logical to add, but #3 poses issues. The user might accidentally add tons of projects by putting it in the draw loop. Maybe, TLL could have a limited amount added per every 5 seconds, or let the user set it if they need to create multiple.

For that to happen to 3 the user would have to increment the project name to get multiple projects. Would have to be intentional.

@Briarfox I plan to add these features, or features like this to a future release. Right now I’m upgrading Codea for iOS 7, as soon as that is done I will look at some significant re-design and additions to the meta level of Codea (creating and manipulating Codea through Codea code).

Thank you @Simeon can’t wait to see Codea for ios7 :slight_smile: