Project picker in character order rather than case insensitive alphabetical order

Hi All,

I don’t know whether this changed recently, but now I am noticing it. The action of the side-scrolling project picker is wonderful now, but I keep losing track of where I saved something due to the order in which the projects are displayed. Sometimes I save using a capital letter and sometimes I don’t. Irrespective of that, whenever I am looking for a project I don’t care what case it was, I just want to find projects starting with that letter.

Now some folks might like that, and I know some operating systems list files like that on purpose, but I’d rather a case-insensitive sort.

A small matter I know… :slight_smile: Anyway, I’ll add it to the issue tracker once I hear whether it is a bug or not…

While we’re on the subject of projects, how do you put an image on the project to overlay the 2 letters. The examples have images, just wondering how that’s done.

@dave1707: the wiki specifies the Info.plist has an Icon entry naming the .png for Examples. As it isn’t specified and I didn’t test, I don’t know if the same applies to user’s programs in the Documents folder …

Hi @dave1707, @Simeon has said he has implemented it in the next version with the syntax saveImage("Project:Icon", image)

Actually it’s not working in the next version (1.4.4) but I have found the bug that causes it not to work. It’s something we’ll be fixing.

Thanks @Simeon!