Project Deletion

I just deleted a project accidentally. Too many projects starting with “S” I guess.

I noticed on Github, that when you go to delete a repository, it makes you type in the name of the repository as a final check. I suggest that would be a nice safety feature for Codea.


Maybe my friend @Briarfox can guide you. He is good at this sort of thing.

yes, looks usable, i was looking at that bit before i wrote. i suppose some of the things people have done for sending to gists and such might have something to mine. this area does not seem well documented. you were my only hope, obi-wan. :slight_smile:

@RonJeffries - I don’t have anything specific, but I think you will figure it out very quickly, if you go to the built in help, bottom item on the main menu is Storage, go in there, look at what is in the last two sections, Global Storage and Project Tabs. After that, you’re simply playing with strings.

Sounds cool, I’ll fiddle with that. Is that written up anywhere on your site? And thanks, by the way, you, and your site, are an excellent resource. Well done!

Thanks, will check it out!

Once TLL adds LFS to Codea or some equivalent with searching and creating folders (hint hint nudge nudge @Simeon), I would probably try and make a backup utility to go over your projects and save them to your Dropbox, and be able to restore them.

It is quite simple to write code that saves your current project code to Codea’s storage area and recover it (because Codea has commands for reading and writing its own code). I had one that saved automatically, every time I changed the version number.

Here’s something I wrote and use. It came in handy when I deleted Codea by mistake. That also deleted all of my projects, over 300 of them. It took awhile to reload them, but at least I had them all. All the projects are saved in one file. You have one copy on the iPad, and you can also send them to the Dropbox app and o your PC.