Project Defaults

Okay, so I am coming back to Codea and Lua after a few months spending a ton of time with Python. I freaking love Python. I just think Lua is a bit inferior. I really enjoy working with data encryption and steganography in Python. Now, after quite some time, I want to make some game projects in Codea. But now I am getting extremely annoyed with the default text that gets put into the new classes and files when you create them.

When you make a new class, it adds all of these annoying comments that I really don’t like. They get in my way, and interfere with my code. And I hate having to go through and erase all of the comments every time I make a class. It is just a huge time waster.

Does anyone know a fix for these defaults? I need them off, or I am going to throw my iPad against the freaking wall.

IMHO, Codea is different, but not inferior. It’s not intended for encryption, but graphics. Try doing Codea’s graphics or physics in python!

And I don’t like the default text either, but I just delete it.

@Simeon It would be nice if there was a default project and class that we could create that would be used when we select a new project or new class. If that project or class isn’t created by us, then your default info is used.

Well, throwing iPads on the wall instead of deleting some lines sounds kinda inefficient to me…

redacted I did that long ago on my iPad 1, but now that iExplorer can’t look at the file structure of the latest iOS, I’m not able to see the file layouts. Do you have the file structure of ios9 for Codea since you have a jail broken iPad. I tried what you have above, but I wasn’t seeing anything for the files.

redacted I’m not sure what you’re referring to about the “Do”. The path and work on my iPad 1, but they don’t work on my iPad Air. I believe the path starting with changed with one of the latest releases of Codea. And since iExplorer doesn’t let me look at the file structure on the latest iOS, I don’t know if the got removed or renamed or is under some other directory.

PS. It would be nice if the article “Codea: under the hood” in the Wiki link could be updated with correct information. I found that interesting but I don’t have anyway to get the correct info.

redacted That path is for your device, mine is totally different.
I use “os.getenv(“HOME”)…” which gives me the start of the path. I have no trouble getting to the Documents and Library directories on iOS 9, but the directory doesn’t seem to be there. It’s either gone or moved.