Problems with AirCode

I am trying to use AirCode with Codea 2.3 on my iPad (running iOS 8.2), connected using Chrome.
The problem I keep having is that if there are errors in the code, whilst typing, Codea on the iPad seems to freeze, and no more updates go to the project. Then when I restart Codea and try to reload the project I lose all my changes. I try to select all the code in the current tab, then cut and paste it back in when restarting Codea, but then it just tries running it again, then freezes again, in a vicious circle!
How do others seem to work with AirCode, for me it seems unusable. Perhaps it would be better to have some sort of save button to push the files to the iPad to ensure they are up to date before running, then have a run button (like on the iPad) rather than running automatically before it’s ready.
Any tips would be useful and appreciated.

At the moment there is a problem with AirCode in that it doesn’t recognise the new 5.3 extensions as valid code. Also you might need to refresh the page to restart your app - but AirCode won’t update the code on your iPad if there are any errors in it, so be especially careful particularly if you change tabs.

Can’t you just press CMD+R or CTRL+R to restart the project when it gets frozen because of an error? Also, if you’re not in FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS, you could press the restart button.

All connection is lost, Ctrl R doesn’t work, neither does the restart button, I often have to close the app and restart it, if it had not already crashed!

I have similar problems to @Phd