Praise, and question about future releases

First off, I’m really enjoying Codea, you have done an excellent job. I’ve always wanted to program micro-apps for my iPad without digging into ObjC and the SDK. Especially since I’m just a closet slash week-end programmer!
I’d really love to see more UI elements like the slider that is accessible via parameters. I know I could crudely program them myself with basic shapes, but I would much rather have super elegant and time saving objects already built in. Here’s hoping.

Oh and merry Christmas to you all, even for those of you that might not celebrate it :slight_smile:

I am wondering. Is it possible to write something so there is interaction between two devices (iPad and iPad) in the current version of codea?

Nope. There’s talk about it - sockets that can listen() would allow it, and sockets that can’t would allow it with the addition of a server running somewhere to mediate the conversation. There’s also talk about local bluetooth using gamekit. The socket stuff is in the beta, may or may not survive long-term (depends on how things go with apple), and so far as I know the bluetooth stuff is just an idea of something neat to do.

In the current is it possible to access the microphone through the coding?

Not currently.

@Bortels :slight_smile: brings back memories of the good old days with my ZX-81…

I would like to second the request for access to the microphone. I have a game idea, but it requires that I let the user record sort sound clips and save them.

In the meantime, I have other things to learn and play with. Having fun playing around with Codea. Hope to get to the point where I can code something good. :slight_smile:

If we had microphone, and local file read access, we could share code as mp3 files - 300 baud modem noises FTW!

I had upscale - Atari 400, 16k, membrane keyboard. And my modem was awesome, direct connect - no acoustic coupler for me!

I remember thinking, seriously, for real “Why would you want a 2400 baud modem? Nobody can read that fast…”