'point' function

The ‘point’ function works, and is syntax highlighted like a regular function, but has no documentation.

Looks like point(x,y) is the same as ellipse(x,y,4), but you don’t need to specify the size. Uses fill() to set the color of the point

point(x, y) and pointSize(diameter) are explained in the Codea wiki here and here.

Do you guys think these functions would be useful? I was actually thinking of deprecating them (they were never really “in” Codea, as I was always unsure about them).

Unless you hear that a body of users have actually used these functions in their code, my vote would be simply to remove them from the next version of the Codea API.

The only important difference from ellipse() is that pushStyle() and popStyle() can be used to preserve the diameter that has been set with pointSize(). I would be surprised, however, if many (or any) users have been using the style stack with point() diameters.