pleas do it


We’re not going to upload your app for you. If you really put time into an app, you should be able to pay $99 for it. Not only is no one here probably willing to do it, it’s also against the App Store submission guidelines. Please upload it yourself.

I think he’s saying he’s paid $99 but doesn’t know how to upload the app to the mac and go from there.

The question is whether his English is good enough to understand any explanation we provide (I don’t mean that as a criticism, I admire people who have to program in English when they don’t know it very well).

@Ignatz - You bring up a good point I haven’t though of before. It’s not like you can use Google Translate on code.

shut up i now things you dosn’t now it
I think you are unpolite

Mohammad - we aren’t being impolite. We are trying to help you.

We understand your English is not good, and that makes it difficult for you to explain your problem, and for us to give you an answer you can understand. That’s all we said.

What is your language? Maybe somebody here speaks it, and can help you.

now i have made 3 apps and i make it by codea and xcode

my language is arabic
iam from qatar but our teachers in the school they can not speak will and they can not talk english
thats is

I thought this looked familiar. See the link below, this will give more info.

I doubt that Mohammad understood what Andrew said, it was quite complicated!

We need an Arabic speaker to help him, I suggest, it is too hard otherwise

@Zoyt are you saying that people can’t act as a publisher? If you have some time, could you show me the ToS clause on that? I have a project in mind, but it’s no good if you can’t act as a publisher.

@Mohammad_abumoosa no one is going to help you if you are rude to them.

Do you have a Mac computer? That’s required to publish to the app store. Without a Mac, you will need to find a friend with a Mac and have them publish the app for you using your account.

@tomxp411 Actualy, I do think it’s possible. I looked at what it would take to form a kind of “code co-op” at one point, but Apple does insist on one person (company) more or less holding the legal bag both for liability and taxes.

If people want to put out a free app, that’s easy enough (and within bounds, I’m willing to help) but for paid apps, I suspect the accounting hassles might make it a bit of a problem.

@Mark Yeah, I started making a list of what it would take to safely publish for other people.

tl;dr: don’t. Not on your own developer account.

  1. Taxes: Someone has to pay income tax on the app store money. Apple will 1099 you, and you’ll then have to pay the taxes yourself and collect from your developer.

  2. Liability: it only takes one lawsuit to ruin your life. A good friend of mine is in the middle of a $1.4 MILLION lawsuit because he had to kick someone out of his non-profit organization. You do NOT want to be on the wrong end of a suit involving a privacy policy violation or something similar.

  3. Time: you may think you’re only spending 10 minutes to help a friend, but soon you’ve got tech support requests, updates, and all kinds of other stuff to mess with.

The only way I could see publishing apps for someone else is if they have their own developer account, and you use their credentials to upload the compiled app. In that case, you would be simply acting as their agent or employee in the matter. They would get paid by Apple, and they would be on the hook for legal issues. They would also pay you for your time, based on whatever terms you set up.

Now as far as HELPING @Mohammad_abumoosa, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just as long as he pays for his own developer account. Using your account to upload his app to the app store is just asking for trouble.

He asked “can anyone upload my app.” I based my response on that. If you’re having PM discussions with him, then we don’t really need to continue this thread, since you’ve got it covered.

@Mohammad_abumoosa Please look for help at

@tomxp411, don´t be so sensitive, the boy really has no clue about many things. Relax ~O)

The only reason I posted the manifesto above is that it just kind of dovetailed in to what I’d just finished discussing with some other people.

As far as being sensitive… I’m doing the best I can. I haven’t actually published an app yet, although I’ve got my developer stuff squared away. (As soon as Tanks! is ready, it’ll be up on the App Store - probably for free.)

Really, the Apple developer forums are the best place for him to get help for posting an app to the App Store. He’s going to find a bigger audience - and probably more than a few people who speak his native language. That alone will make the task a lot easier.

Actually, he needs Reefwings’s tutorials on exporting to the App Store, but I doubt he’ll be able to follow the explanation without some help with translation.

@Mohammad_abumoosa maybe this will help.

??? ??? ??? ???

That is a Google Translate link to this page. It can translate whole web pages to another language.

??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???.

You can also use and enter a phrase or the address of a web page.

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ???.

@Ignatz, do you have the URL for the tutorials? We could give him the translator URL… it’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

And actually, I think I’m totally blowing those translated phrases, since Arabic appears to be a RTL language.

Not only is it not going to translate coherently, but it will try to translate the code too, which will just make a mess