Pixel This!

As a fan of picross, I was very impressed to see this super-polished game created with Codea (by Mark Brown). It’s free with IAP for extra puzzles. The animations and transitions are particularly nice.

(For those who don’t know Picross, it’s a puzzle game where you figure out the pixels in a picture by looking at the number of pixels in each column / row.)

Pixel This



Waoo @simeon , I never see this game

Even though it says it’s for iOS 5 or later, it doesn’t run on my iPad 1.

Wow! Looks really good, although I did run into an error

Hi guys. Thanks for posting about the game!

Codea was a blast to use, and I’m super pleased to finally have something on the App Store. I doubt I ever would have managed it without the app!

(Unfortunately, a few older devices and iOS versions are having trouble with the game. I’ll try my best to fix things in future updates.)

I added IAPs thanks to David’s tutorials at http://codeatuts.blogspot.com.au - if you follow his Game Center and iAd tutorials, you can tweak them to work with things like Twitter support and IAPs. If the code for adding IAPs to codea is in high demand, let me know and I’ll post it on the forum.



Definite thumbs-up from my 6-yr old. He got the idea very quickly (though he got a bit confused by the grid-with-a-hole-in which is shown just above the grid that you touch. Due to the hole there he thought that all the pictures had a hole in the middle.)