Remains to be done, this is the first version, the code is in CC (codea comunity) :slight_smile:



more specific , Codea Comunity : working in piano

@luismi i cant get to test your code now that you put it on CC (!!!). I am a bit worried about this sharing platform that results in not being able to read shared projects if you have an ipad1… Would you post a link to your code, shared via github?

@Luismi - Thank’s for using CC ! You can also post the share link (long press on version name from the dashboard and hit copy). I think Jvm38 can grab your code from the share page even if under ipad1.

ok , @jmv38, here is: https://gist.github.com/CodeaLuis/7118205
the code is very simple , but Remains to be done!!.

but a way @toffer, CC is very helpful, really =D>

Thanks for the code @luismi. @toffer no, i cant get anything out of CC… :((

@Jmv38 you have a ipad 1?


I can’t find it on CC.

The problem you have is that you can not download any project? @Jmv38.

I also I have the ipad 1 and if I can download and try the projects I can try just some

tried to re-enter the CC installer??

@SkyTheCoder in the proyect Community Codea (working in piano)

I still can’t find it. I tried searching “piano” and “working in piano” and neither works. Even going through all your projects I can’t find anything. I found a project containing “proyect” in its title, but didn’t find the piano in it.

@SkyTheCoder. has 2 downloads, the project is called Codea Community and in the comment box below said “working in piano version 1.2”

Thanks, found it. Sorry about that confusion.

Also, either me and someone else downloaded it at the same time, but I think I accidentally downloaded it twice.

Cool piano.

@SkyTheCoder, thanks!!, and that I’m just starting it, has many errors. about downloads I happened also to


new video, I accept suggestions about design, thanks


@Luismi, I really like the design. Looks very much like a piano :slight_smile:

removed . i find a great example

edded more keys