Parameter system in a final program

There are no problem in using the parameter system in a program that have been build in Xcode.
However it would be nice to get rid of the buttons, type a command and Output.
Then it would be a very handy input “split” during the program execution.

Is it not possible ?
Maybe I have overlooked something

Re Peter

Good idea @macflyerdk. Something I’ll have to think about. Not possible at the moment though.

1.5.5 ? :slight_smile:
If soon I will continue with parameters instead of my homemade slider classes, text input etc.

Not as soon as 1.5.5.

@Simeon Maybe separate functions for each, like sidePanel.setParametersVisible(bool), sidePanel.setOutputVisible(bool), sidePanel.setButtonsVisible(bool), and sidePanel.setCommandsVisible(bool)? (sidePanel.setCommandsVisible(bool) toggling the text input box below the output that lets you type in Lua code, so you can have output enabled for printing stuff, but without giving access to calling Lua functions.)

seems that if you are making an xcode app, you should be able to toggle the visibility of the side panel and even the window that renders the output/ command windows…not sure how to do that, though…

Do you have an example on that ?
Screen dump or App in the store