pacman code

Has any one made pacman in codea. And if someone has can you link me the code.

Hi @Fr0st

You can find Pac-Man created by @ruilov here:

A video

each one of .lua files are classes?

Yep, @Fr0st. With projects with lots of tabs I find it easier to download them from GitHub with the Zip download option. Then I change the file name to add .codea then I copy it into Codea’s Documents folder with something like iExplorer. Beats copy and paste, plus if there are data in the pdata file, you get that too.

Just tried the code: works fine on ipad1. Thanks!

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The files Info.plist and Data.plist in where they fit? in project Pacman in Codea? where?

Elvio - Alessandria - Italy

@elvio I am not an expert, I’ve just left them in the project directory on everything works fine.

Hi @elvio, the info and data files are generated by Codea for each project. They are the storage mechanism for saved project data. The list file keeps a record of the order of your tabs and the project description I think. @Jmv38 is right, you don’t have to worry about them, just move them over as well if you are copying it across to your iPad.

Thanks for the response Jmv38 and Fred, the project works perfectly without considering the twe files .plist!!

Can somebody help me? I copied the code exactly and when I attempt to play the game it says:

error [string " – this is most of the game logic]: 67: attempt to call method ‘setInitT’ (a nil value)


error [string “backgroundC = colour(0, 0, 0, 255)…”]: 31: attempt to index global ‘game’ (a nil value)

Please help me. Thanks

@Napalm - this code is two years old, it may need updating

maybe: the tabs are not in good order?
Check the order in the .plist file.

I didn’t add the .plist files because when I did it just came up with another error

I’ve been able to fix the problem by changing the order of the chapters. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help

the plist files contain the correct order the tabs should be in