If I understand various statements in this forum correctly, then the graphics in Codea are using OpenGL in the background. Would that mean we would probably get access to the rendering engine as well? I am playing around with a mesh grid to show 3D math functions, but so far I am only partially able to draw only visible facets … Now I stumbled over z-buffering. Well, it might take me a while until I have solved that. In case we might get access to OpenGL drawing capabilities, that might help. In addition I would like to thank the Codea developers for their great tool!!!

OpenGL is actually very low level. The drawing abilities OpenGL gives you are the following:

glBindTexture( … some texture … )
glDrawElements( GL_POINTS | GL_TRIANGLES, … some data pointers … )

So any drawing operations that put things on the screen are written by us. Usually involving a shader and a set of vertices that represent a primitive shape.

We will be trying to make some more 3D math functions available soon, and you can use the zLevel() function at the moment to change the depth of a rendered primitive.