(Off topic) Happy new year

Happy New Year everyone :smiley:

Alberta, Canada: Hour and a half to go!

Full two hours here on the Left Coast. Now where did I put that Champagne?

1 hour, 5 minutes to go in AZ, US.

Well into next year, here in Australia…best wishes to all


P.S. The beavers say Hi!

(I had to!)
I love Canadian Stereotypes!

Happy new year! :-h

Happy new year from belgium! Yeah I’m kinda late, it’s already new year for 13hours

Happy new year from the netherlands! I’m kinda late its new year for 13 hours here lol

Happy new year, y’all!

First Sherlock episode in 4 hours sharp… :slight_smile: Great way to start a new year.

Happy new year from bham uk

I’m late too… Happy new year from the USA!

(For me, it was almost 17 hours ago.)

I got some screenshots of the time at midnight :smiley:

Bye now it’s already 26:11 hours ago for me xp

Happy new year from birmingham England! Well I’m an hour and a half late…