New "Rotation" Method based on iOS 8


I was watching the WWDC session video on “What’s new in Cocoa” (I think that’s the one, I’ve watched a fair amount in the past day). They brought up an interesting point: device rotations (of the orientation) are simply a resizing of the screen size. In fact, they completely depreciated a lot of callbacks and simply replaced it with one callback that tell you when the window should be resized (which only happens when the orientation resizes).

I was curious if Codea was going to adopt this new method eventually, since orientation is a thing of the past.

Just a suggestion.


@Zoyt this certainly sounds like a cleaner approach if, say, you were about to introduce a pair of iPhones that each had resolutions that depart from the current variety.

@Zoyt on iOS 8 I think we’ll support the new API