New game made with Codea on app store - Cartesia Poker

Hi guys, I just wanted you to know that I have deployed my first game on the App Store and it’s available now!
It is called CARTESIA POKER!

Of course, I made it with Codea and I made sure to mention it in the splash screen!!!
Thanks to everyone that made the wonderful development environment possible and thanks also to David Such for all the precious tutorials!

Grammar freak problem: in the description, “You can make up to 12 hands for each game to complete as MANY* achievements as you can.”

Thanks for the comment! I will make the change…

Post up a link to the store :slight_smile:

@Briarfox Just search “Cartesia Poker” and it comes up as the only result.

@dreamergb Looks pretty good, I might just learn to play poker for it… Also, another grammar freak problem is that the name on the App Store is CartesiaPoker, all together with no space. I’m not sure if you can fix that, though… And I think the description fix will have to wait until the next update, as I would think Apple only lets you change it when the app has changed.

@SkyTheCoder I’m aware of that but why not promote it in the post. I’m more likely to click a link then pull up the App Store and search.

Aww it’s $1 :frowning:

Here is the link guys:

@SkyTheCoder Thanks again for your comments. The name of the game on the App Store is spelled correctly, I don’t see a space between the two words!? Where exactly do you see that?

@SkyTheCoder Sorry, my mistake, there IS a space between the two words on the App Store. So I’m interested to know where you saw it without a space…

@dreamergb, Wow, looks very polished. Nice work!

@JakAttak, thank you, it was a lot of work, but really fun to do!

+1 on polish looks great!

@dreamergb No space.

@SkyTheCoder, that is weird, because what you see there is not even the version I have released! It was the beta version. Are you looking at the US version of App Store?
I’m located in Canada and when I search for it, it does show the real version which is different from what you see…???

@Briarfox Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

@dreamergb Your link to your app takes me the same page, and, yes, I’m in the US. I’m not sure why that would change the name and version, though…

@SkyTheCoder I know that Apple have some issues right now with the App Store deployment, maybe that is the cause of this. I’ll give them a couple days and double check with them…