New beta crashes physics

My physics project - with the loads of particles - that John (?) was going to use to debug the caching now crashes Codea when I run it.

Weird. I thought he used it to debug the contacts issue, we thought we solved the slow-down issue. Will have to revisit it, thanks for letting us know.

This has been fixed now — thanks for the report.

(For a temporary work around, just implement the collide(contact) function callback in your code — even if it’s empty it should fix the crashing until the next beta.)

Just tried this - working like a charm! With 200 particles, I still get a decent frame rate (about 40fps). Changing the variation of particle size is nice: with a good spread you can clearly see particles sorting by size (small on bottom, big on top).

I’ll add a bit of friction now to make it more fluid-like.