Need Error Catchers/Beta testers for new game 'Aedif in Aedifico'

I’m sure a few of you have seen my building game in its premature stage. I would have put up new recordings but Codea is having a bit of trouble with recording lately, so I’ve got a few images for you guys. It is not anywhere near finished in itself but the engine is working okay as far as I’ve seen, but I have encountered a few bugs/errors when playing with it. There is no interactive tutorial at the moment so I will do my best to explain it in the images. There is no story mode yet either but I’ve made 3 unique enemy types designed for different levels, again they are not finished, none of it is as I will be taking suggestions about how you would like the game to be improved, no matter how small.

I don’t mean to sound cynical I don’t want people who just want to play the game as it is, I need people who will sit down with the app and look for errors / try various methods to break the game. If you feel you’re up to it then say so in the comments or pm me, I’ll do this by test flight.

Images are here:

@Luatee - you might try Reflector for recording, it captures the entire iPad screen onto you PC, it does cost though…

@Luatee, @Ignatz, I have used reflector - it usually works, but it can be painful sometimes. Occasionally it stops recording randomly, or it stutters a ton, and it takes hours to save it.

I managed to find an alternative to reflector on one of those free app a day websites, so I shall make a video today for those of you who are interested and set up test flight, I also need some creative thinkers for game ideas if anyone’s feeling imaginative. Can you guys recommend a good video editing app for mac?

@Luatee unless you are looking for something really advanced, iMovie is great for video editing.

@Staples so it is, thanks! I usually treat those things as bloat ware.

Not a fancy video but here is a little preview:
More of an action based preview than a builder based preview.

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@NatTheCoder I need object oriented minds who know how to make errors occur, if you have good ideas for a storyline then feel free to pm me.

I’ll test:)

I would like to test as well.

Can I test, too? I meant to ask a few days ago but I forgot.

I’d loved on test it out!
About recording, I’ve found AirServer to be the best, but since OS X Yosemite allows me to record my devices screen, I’d say not to get anything.

@Luatee When will the beta build be released?

Nice project ! Good luck for the future !

I’d like to test as well

@Saturn031000 I’m just getting test flight done tonight then I’ll let you all know in the british morning, thanks to everyone who volunteered and complemented.

@Luatee I forgot to mention that I’ll help as well of you need any more help! :wink:

Looks very cool, I’d love to help break it :slight_smile:

If you need another person, I would love to test it.