My new RPG Game.

You’re all familiar with the Legend Of Zelda series. I am working on an RPG that has the same core as that. Like dungeons and all that. With a large free roam map and custom tile set, it will have nice graphics to.

any previews at the moment? :slight_smile:

Im aiming to make a rpg inspired from zelda… I just need to learn more beafore i can do it xD

Still making tileset. Will take time before I start developing, as I am doing tileset, music and custom animations by my self

im worling on tiles etc myself @ColinGoodwin
those are some of my olser tree tiles :stuck_out_tongue:

  • i was thinking of finding a way to put in seasons also

Maybe we can find a way to work together?

Hmm sure you could add me to skype ill pm you the info


If you two are still working on this project, check out my project, it may help you out depending on how far you are into development already.