My first game prototype

Here video of my game prototype in Codea:

it took few hours to learn LUA and Codea basics and 2-3 hours a in last 3 days. Codea is amazing Tool !

That’s really cool, @Abnormalia. You can see that it has the bones of something special. You’re a fast learner!

@abnormalia very cool! Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks !

Save/load and sandbox are working, now I can add 5-6 different “build blocks” for units and make few levels to see how fun it becomes to play. I want to make world where users can craft all kinds of units and fight/solve puzzles etc. I’ll share game when It will reach alpha and hopefully get some feedback as well. :slight_smile:

Update progress video:

wow that is awesome when will it be avalible on the app store ?

Wow. I don’t know how I missed this. This is super cool. Especially for someone’s first project. I like how objects have physical properties, so you have to bolt some places, or propel them. I do suggest you finish this and release it.

Just want to add my $0.02 here, I think this is a great demo and I can see lot’s of potential in it, potentially even a new type of tower defence game. Well done.

wow, thanks for comments.

I’ve put this project on hold cause I started new startup:

But surely I will continue this one and release on Codea.

Congrats with that - FWIW, the flower themed match 3 puzzler looks nice. :slight_smile:

Wohooo we are in GameFounders finals ! Batch 3. First Georgian Game studio.

This game prototype will totally be finished/polished and released :slight_smile: