Multiplayer help / websites with codea

Can someone describe to me how to use these or post a link on info about them, I have absolutely no clue where to start with multiplayer and adding websites to it

This post is very broad. By multiplayer, are you talking about OTA (which I assume it is), or locally? And how are websites related to the multiplayer aspect? If you give a bit more detail, some PHP nerds might be able to explain a bit about networking and generally how this type of stuff works. I can say, live multiplayer is slow in Codea because the required technologies (I believe MySQL) are not provided (yet).

@Zoyt, I don’t really think lack of MySQL is the problem with live multiplayer, rather it is that you must constantly be making http.request calls which can 1) be too slow and choppy 2) Crash Codea because of too many repeated http.request calls

I have found that turn-based multiplayer can work due to the fact that you don’t have to be constantly updating.

@JakAttak - I was (for some reason) assuming he was looking into a MMO game, in which PHP would be unbearably slow.

I took a few courses on PHP, but I’m just wondering how to use it in codea, and yes how do I use locally multiplayer? (As in users connected to the same wifi?)

By locally, I was talking about on the same device. Anyways, because you’ve taken courses on PHP, you probably know more than me, but use the function “http.get”. Hope that helps!

Thanks, and what does the keyword “local” in codea have to do with anything?

Sorry, I meant that by one player takes one side of the device, and the other takes the other one. So on the same device.

@Zoyt In most multiplayer cases, local means in the same WiFi.

@Prynok, I call that online.

@Prynok, @JakAttak - On the same device, I call it local multiplayer. Same wifi, I call it local WiFi multiplayer, and remote I call remote multiplayer, but it doesn’t really matter.

@Wallisch_pls the keyword “local” in Codea only defines the scope of a variable. For example, it can make a variable local within a function. It doesn’t really have anything directly to do with networking.

@Zoyt’s not talking about Codea keywords, he’s talking about what he calls two people on the same device.

When I think of local multiplayer, though, I think of a LAN server.