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Creative Design of Boalens, Buttons, IntegerParameters and Texts in screen?

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Buttons, Integer Lines, TextBoxes, Boalens, Ellipse, Line, [Soon] More features

Updates September 2015

We have released our classes! I Hope you enjoy. Create an GitHub Page. Click The activation link.

Updates Dezember 2015

We are writing currently a cool alert box

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@TokOut Give us a chance to look at your code. We’re not here constantly to fix you problems. Anyways, add the statement background(0) in draw() before I:draw() . What is MRRP>=3 .

@TokOut CurrentTouch.x should be changed to touch.x . You shouldn’t mix the functions touched() and CurrentTouch.

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@TokOut Are you referring to this example.

for i,v in ipairs(arr) do
     print("arr["..i.."] = "..v)

The variable i is the position in the table. The variable v is the value. The table arr is created with 3 in the 1st position, 2 in the 2nd, and 1 in the 3rd. So it prints the table position 1,2,3 and the value 3,2,1.

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It sounds like Soda, how does it compare?

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function setup()
    v = 1

function draw()
    background(0, 0, 0, 255)
    fill(255, 255, 255, 255)
    text("Test String in maximal size", WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2)
    print("Value" .. v)
    v = v + .1

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@TokOut That’s not a bug. That’s just the way things are. Some numbers just aren’t exact when small values are added to them. If you want a number to show a specific value, then to need to use string.format. Do a Google search for string.format.

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What does it do? More people will look at it if you give a nice description.

I released all classes in my GitHub at Great Work. Here are the forums. So I formate me in there.

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@TokOut you shouldn’t delete your old questions though, they help make the thread readable and might help people that are searching through the forum looking for the same answers

@TokOut this thread has nothing to do with Soda. Please edit the title to make it relevant to the discussion.

They are to outdated. They’re content are questions etc.