Moderator approval of new members

As of now, all new members have to be approved by a moderator.

Please look out for applicants (just to the right of your user name in the row of links above).

New applicants must provide why they wish to join. It seems that the bots use a generic list for the reason. This should really help stop spammers.

There is a big list of new registrations coming through at the moment, probably either spam or a school class.

The first few that came through for approval look like spam, all had this reason for joining - “{I want to {see new threads|follow the discussion|be part here|see new additions|access all parts|contibute|say something|reply to a thread|reply to a user|message a user|contact a user|read everything}.”

I’m currently deleting those as they come through.

there is a new applicant. What is the process for approving him?

@Jmv38 - generally,

  • check the email address is not a temporary throwaway (if I’m not sure, I usually google the website and see what it says)
  • if the user looks ok, approve
  • I usually go one step further, and look at the user list
    (same as the applicant URL, without applicant on the end)
    I sort on first visit and make sure the ip for the new user doesn’t match our banned users
    Noobatcoding =
    aurumcoder2624 =

Duplicate accounts are also not allowed (same ip address, but watch out for schools, they often have several users on the same ip)

When it comes to deleting users, we usually give several warnings by PM, and then, if three moderators agree, we delete.

thanks. I’ll let you check for this new applicant?


@Jmv38 Were you just made a moderator. I don’t remember who were moderators. For new applicants, I just approve them and then check their IP address to make sure they’re not the banned ones. If they are I just delete them. I don’t bother checking any email addresses because as long are they follow the forum rules I don’t care what they used for an email to get approved. Simeon put in a lot of checks to remove spammers. I used to delete up to 1,000 spammer applicants on some days. If you notice a user posting anything inappropriate, delete the posts and PM the user or post something in the discussion. If they persist then delete them, don’t bother with the 3 moderator agreement. If they back off but become annoying in the days to follow, then the 3 moderator agreement comes into play.

@Dave1707 ok, thanks.
How do you see the ip adress? and the list of banned ones?

@Jmv38 Try the link below for the IP addresses. New users are normally at the top. As for banned users, there are 2 IP addresses to look for. They try to come in with different names, but the IP addresses are the same. Ignatz had these listed above, but they were also in another discussion.

banned users and the IP addresses to look for.

Noobatcoding =
aurumcoder2624 =

A list of users and their ip addresses.

I should have been clearer - we delete obvious spammers straight away, and use the “3 moderator agreement” where it is less obvious.