Mini Games

I was trying to re create some of my favorite games, but as you know when you try to think about something you just don’t get it. I made these two but just can’t think of any other. Just wanted to know what your favorite mini games were. Maybe it’ll help me recollect some of mine too.
Here’s a video showing the two I made,
and the code is here

Yeah and i would also like to know what FPS you guys are getting, it is written at the top right corner of the screen. Reason being if it gets below 45 you won’t be able to play The Appocalypse. I am getting a consistent 60.

@Saurabh runs between 35 and 55 fps on ipad1, which is good enough to play.
VERY beautiful art and animation job! I love the whole polish you’ve put in that program. Thanks for sharing. =D> ^:)^

Other minigames i can think of:

  • snake.
  • asteroids.
  • flipper.
  • brickout.
  • angry birds.

Btw, i think i will steal some of your code for my projects if you dont mind?

Thanks @Jmv38. Well many people have said it if i didnt want to share it i wouldnt have posted it.and everything is a class so each one is seperately playable just with some extra global variables. And you might want to change a thing in TheAppocalypse tab, in the function MakeEnemies theres a condition that if the fps falls below 45 it stops making them you might want to change that to a lower value.

Thanks. Now i understand why there was not so many objects as in your video.

Omg Jajaj @saurabh , I love this game , is perfect , nice work

I can’t wait to see the code , thanks for sharing

Great job!
Most certainly NOT Angry Birds. My 3 favorite iOS apps are Tiny Wings, BADLAND, and Limbo.

Thanks guys, @Zoyt agreed upon badland, but making a replica of it would be insulting the game the graphics and physics is just too awesome to be copied. Never tried Limbo though.

Great job, just ran it in Codea Community and it ran great!