Understand the basis of matrices, that they are a 4x4 array, and you can do rotations on them and they use quanternions and all that, and im sure all learn more about them as I go on, I just have one quick question. What are all the numbers in the array? If I want to pull out and you go mymatrix[15] supposedly you would get the z rotation. My question is, what are all the other numbers in the matrix? Thanks.

I don’t know that much about matrix, but doing a Google search will give you more information than you need. One of these days I’ll look into it more myself.

@Mr_Ninja - see if this helps

Thats exactly what I needed. Thanks @Ignatz. I really wish there were links to coolcodea in the reference guide inside codea, that would be great.

@Mr_Ninja - you don’t really need modelMatrix until you get into 3D. Then you really need to become friends with it. :x

I have an ebook on 3D, when you’re ready for it.