Map Editor

So I am making a game and found the Codea functions to create files and maps quite cumbersome. I made a quick map editor for my own purposes but I am wondering if others are facing the same issue and would appreciate a simple mapeditor.

Right now it will auto-tile edges and transitions between terrain types. I will add more objects and terrain if there are interest. Will also clean up and share my code if there’s interest.


Thanks for the encouragement. I am almost done with it. The logic for placing walls took me a while and I’m still not sure I have gotten it.

@Aalok, one can load up other spritesheets but it would have to be arranged in similar fashion for the auto-tiling to work.


@zapaper can we get a short youtube video?

here you go:

Looks great.

@zapaper looks like a really nice piece of work.

@zapaper I would like to see the code if you don’t mind sharing it. This looks great, BTW

Very nice!

@zapaper looks great! I’m sorry I assumed the dropbox link was for code and didn’t realize it was a photo.

Really nice.

Very cool. Can you add any sprite sheets to the editor? If you decide to share, I would love to see the code as well. Regardless, splended work.

I’d be interested in seeing the code.

I’d also be very interested in seeing the code

Sorry for the break. I was adding features to the map editor so that it can be easily used in a simple RPG. I had to redo the object/wall code.

I did up a simple hack-n-slash RPG using the map editor to demo it functionality here:

The main character sprite is a placeholder. Will post the code on github soon.

@zapaper looks awesome, some intensive coding going on here!

@zapaper, is the map and collision-detection tile-based?

Just keeps getting better :slight_smile:

This is the work-in-progress version.

I’m still not happy with some of the functions and the wall-feature is still buggy. But it’s good enough for me to start creating maps for my hack-n-slash RPG game. Credits for tile and objects goes to opengameart.

In addition to the island, plains and forest tiles which I have demo-ed, I have added a simple cave tileset:

“E” button allows you to set placeholders events/enemies/treasures etc. as you want it in your game.

Added more opensource tilesets. @JakAttak, yes collision is tile-base. So far it looks ok as the tile size is small.