LUA Windows Based Editor

I know this might be sacrilege, but…

Does anyone develop for Codea using a windows LUA editor? If so, which one do you use, and further how do you ensure the syntax for Codea is enforced while programming in LUA on Windows?

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I’ve done a small amount of Codea development on OS X using the SublimeText2 editor - it supports Lua syntax highlighting, and is cross-platform so you could use it on Windows too.

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The best free editor on windows is notepad++ and it has support for lua syntax highlighting.

However if it’s too much of a noob question how do you develop for codea using windows?

@TechDojo Well, if I am understanding the question correctly, the answer would be "carefully as you cannot check syntax in a non Codea environment. That is unless you can have flexible syntax checking as an option. In the end you can code in any word processor such as Wordpad as long as you are proficient with the languages rules. You would just copy and paste the code upon completion and check syntax within Codea.


So - to answer @techdojo’s question - you either are using loveCodify, or you’re editing code with a real keyboard and big screen, then pushing it to codea to test, with iExplorer or jailbreaking the iPad or libmobilewhatsit (don’t remember the name of the library on Linux).

Lots of ways.

A non-trivial chunk of my codea stuff was actually originally done with vi, then imported via ssh/jailbreak from Linux, then debugged in codea.

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Thanks for the feedback - I think for now I’ll stick to my ipad and BT keyboard.
On a related note, if anyone’s interested there is an alternative Lua development environment called Gideros thats multiplatform and although it takes a retained approach to the graphics as opposed to Codea’s direct approach, I’ve noticed that the OO structure of the class files is very similar and code should port from one to the other fairly easily.

Hi @Munkie - I’m with @TechDojo, use notepad++ on a Windows 7 platform. If you’ve installed Lua, from the official site (Scintilla), they encourage you to use SciTE which is a purpose built editor for the language. I haven’t used it - it does look good, but I use notepad++ for a range of scripting applications and like it’s scope and professional approach.

Hope that helps



I like to use emacs. Here is a link to get a windows version.

@Simeon - It’s a Markdown feature that does nothing. Not a bug… I think.

Just a question for those editing codea files on Windows.
I’ve just linked up iExplore and tried editing a file on a simple project.
I copied the file back to my PC ok, added a simple print line to the draw() function using notepad++ and then saved it back to the PC and copied it back using iExplore.

Everything “appeared” to work fine, however when I open the project in Codea it displays weird - the print command is missing and the quoted string appears half way across the line, however the weird thing is if I don’t actually edit it on the iPad and just run the project the function works ???

Is this a bug with the codea editor - I can supply an example file to the dev team for checking if required.

This sort of thing occurs when you have tabs in your code. Replace them by spaces (and set the editor to indent using spaces), and you should be fine.

@TechDojo gunnar_z is right, you’ll need to set your editor to use spaces instead of tabs and be sure it doesn’t insert non-breaking spaces (these are actually a different character to a standard space).

Thanks for the heads up, I always use tabs to indent and I noticed the odd glitch when using my BT keyboard - it usually went away when I started / stopped editing, is there any chance that the ability to render tabs as a fixed number of spaces will be fixed in a future rev?

Codea should replace tab characters with four spaces when you edit the file in Codea’s editor. However if you edit the file externally, and then load it with Codea, there’s a good chance tab characters will be preserved.

That looks like it might be the case - any chance of doing a scan / translate option the first time a document is edited, in Lua it should only be a single string.gsub call :slight_smile: