Lua performance

I found the following pdf, very clear an pleasant to read, and thought you’d like it:
lua performance tips.
And this link is showing very practical tests results and guidelines.

code benchmark case study

Both are very helpful, but I found some of the examples in the second one could have used some clarification. I like that approach, however, and have used it a lot myself.

@andymac3d i agree there are a lot of interesting things posted on this forum, and when i try to find them back a couple of months later, i don’t, because vanillia search tool is useless. So if things could be gathered and ordered somewhere, that would be great! But it is a lot of work. I did the effort in the post about formatting the text on the forum, for instance. A good search tool could be a nice compromise solution.

Hello @Jmv38. I agree with your comment about the search function on this Forum. Perhaps I am imagining it, but recently its performance has seemed to me to be worse than it once was.

@Jmv38 - this is great and probably should be added to the Wiki at some point.

Similarly, it would be great to collate all the known Codea (not Lua specific) optimisations and speedups tricks there as well e.g sprites v meshes etc…

While these are often discussed on here - it would be great to have them in one place for reference :slight_smile: