Looking for someone to help me 'exporting images to cloud' code - will compensate you for your work

Hello everybody,

I am quickly running out of time to complete my app, I have spent 2 days experimenting with ways to get images to export to my cloud storage without needing user authentication. I am now desperate enough to want to hire somebody to do this for me. I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask this but here goes. Whatever code is implemented will be documented on this thread to keep it open source.

I currently have an app, that has user generated images, these images are 600x400 pixels, they have a x,y coordinate, and an ID. For example, a user could generate 15 of these images in their session playing with this app.

Here is where I need someones help:

The app sends these images to a cloud storage only I can access. To do this, the images may need to be encoded, the storage may need to have an interpreter to receive these images. Then there must be a way for me to access these images again from storage.

In all this, the user should not need to authenticate anything. It is all done in the background, but of course the users is informed of this in the beginning. Therefore dropbox is not an acceptable option.

I am willing to pay a good amount to get this done asap, please reply to me if you are interested.

Have you seen this discussion? It worked for me on my website. As for making the images that are uploaded only accessible by you, you would probably need to configure that on your website, a quick Google search might bring up something like this, this, or this.

@skythecoder Yep I saw that, which led me to trying to make a php server, which led me to look at AWS, then to google app engine. not having much luck with any of them at the moment…

@archistudent If you have a website, it should already have PHP on it. All you have to do is copy the PHP code that toffer posted and save it as upload.php on your website. If you don’t have a website, then you can’t really upload and save pictures that users created.

@skythecoder Do you know if a website service like wordpress or wix would work? or would I have to buy a domain, set up a proper website with html code etc?

@archistudent If Wordpress or Wix allow FTP access, then you can use them, otherwise you’ll probably need to buy a domain and pay a monthly fee for a hosting service.

There are free web hosting sites which provide databases you can use to store your stuff.

But this forum is the wrong place to be asking. You really want a forum for web builders.

@skythecoder @ignatz okay thanks guys, ill keep trying the different options til I hit something.

If anyone is interested, I’m still looking for someone to help me write the exporter to google app engine as paid work.

I am going to try to do this by pushing the raw image data into the data store query database. Hopefully the 1mb limit is big enough…