Loading code that isn't in a tab

I need to find a way to run my json tab in autogist installer but i do not want the tab to appear in the project. I would simply delete the tab but i can not find a way to programmically remove a tab from codea.

Lets say I load a tab into a string via http.request and save it as localdata. Is there any way to read it and have codea execute it? I could use loadstring() to execute a single function but that would require a re write of the json library.

Does anyone understand what I’m getting at and/or have any ideas?

Nevermind, it was simple.

tmp = readProjectData("tab")
funct = loadstring(tmp)

--then simply call any code

Yeh. Took me some time to understand that loadstring returns an function to be called to run the string, and that it doesnt run the string directly. I found it on the web. Pretty simple when you’ve got it.

yeah it is and very helpful. I can download and run code in an app and not need a project tab.