List of Competition Entries

This is an official list of everyone who submits an entry.

Please post below to let me know about your entry!

If I had time, I would’ve entered. Sorry.

I’ve been working 50+ hours a week since mid-Dec so this all the leftover brain cells that were available:

I haven’t made any improvements since I originally posted.

The link to the forum is adequate for attribution.

Wait… Did it have to be a game? A flower generator is fun, but is it a game? Thanks! I don’t mean to bring this conversation off topic.

Alright. You missed these:
Orb Bits by @Mark
Astroyds by @HyroVitalyProtago
Black Hole by @peteroyle
Plane Crazy by @Mark
And also, you might want to move some of those items accidentally put in the competitions section in the General section.

@Zoyt, I suspect the entry criteria is “Something awesome you want to let TLL use in their Codea Player app”. I, for one, think the mesh example is nutty cool.

Thanks for posting those, @Zoyt.

The selection criteria for submitted games are:

  • Is it polished? Does it introduce the player to the concept rather than just dumping everything on the screen.
  • Is it fun to play with and use?

Most things that fall into the above categories will be games, and the theme of the competition is games.

But I’m not opposed to accepting fun toys or simulations too. For example, SimCity is technically not a game — it’s a toy, a simulation that you play with. Those sorts of entries are okay too.

I knew there would be great games so with my limited time I went cute and simple.

The key to the flower generator entry is it’s ability to possibly go viral. It’s simple and quick to use. It begs to be sent to others. The time between install and posting a flower of facebook, twitter, or e-mail would be short. The whole app is basically a flower meme. A possible easy modification would be to have a Codea Play advert auto stamp on the picture.

This would widen the audience to explore Codea, the other submitted games, and show the besides a platform for really great Code-idea games, there is also simple fun non-game realm.

Think of the flower generator as the wrapping paper on a present. The wrapping paper is used but a moment. It’s purpose is announce the presents within.

Oh… So I was thinking of coding a Codea Jr. which would a Lua version of Scratch (google it). Would I be able to enter that? And you might want to allow entry of libraries. That would really help beginner, but you can’t view it in the Codea Play… Hmm… maybe i’ll start one for libraries.

Zoyt: that’s an interesting idea, but probably a little too far removed from the competition. There will be a scratch editor in Codea Play so the rest of the examples will likely be games — having an editor written in an editor is cool but a little too complex.

Alright. I don’t mean to bring this off topic. Thanks.

Simeon, I’ve emailed my competition entry to you (Bomber) should be in the Codea Feedback email inbox - Dan Pollard


I’ve just emailed my entry using the in-app feedback. It was known as “Black Hole” but I’ve renamed it to “Time Winders” to reflect the emphasis on time manipulation in the gameplay.


No problem @peteroyle. Updated the name.

Simeon, just emailed you in my entry! (23:55 on Saturday here in the UK!) It’s called TouchLine.

Edit, 2 seconds later

Whoops, just noticed it was already on the list! :slight_smile:

Thanks @frosty. I put you on the list because I saw your screenshots and videos. TouchLine is an extremely cool and simple game mechanic.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. There are tons of high quality entries!

A video of my entry:

I love the behavior of the line, @Nat and how it twists around both fish and objects.

@Nat I love it! The fishing rod mechanic looks really cool :slight_smile: