Launching Codea Apps from the homescreen

I had seen this mentioned in the past and as I recall its a possibility in the future. I have developed a small app that controls my security cams around the house. It would be huge if I could have the ability to add a shortcut like safari does to the home screen. Any chance we could see this in the near future? It would really make my day :slight_smile:

Thanks TLL you guys rock.

Best thing for now is to jailbreak and use the runtime and sign the apps yourself

yeah maybe, after jailbreaking back in the day i decided that it wasnt worth the trouble updating when ios updates came out. but maybe ill give it a go! thanks

No need to jail break. Just export your project to Xcode (when the new version comes out) and run the app targeted at your iPad. This will load it on the iPad (and run it of course), the app stays there until you delete it. It will look just like a bought app.

Wow that’s even better, thanks for the info.

Thats with a dev license correct?

Hello @Reefwing. In your post the step ‘…, compile Xcode on your Mac, …’ is missing, right? Or can i run Xcode on my ipad without a mac?

@Briarfox - You don’t need a dev license to run it on your iPad, you only need this if you want to submit it to the app store.

@Jmv38 - no you need to compile it on the Mac using Xcode. Up the top of Xcode there is a “play” button called Run which compiles and runs your app on the selected target (e.g. iPhone, iPad or Simulator).

@Reefwing - are you absolutly sure that it is possible without paying 99$ to Apple ?
I haven’t come over a prosedure that states that. But maybe I did not look hard enough.

@macflyerdk - You are of course correct. Sorry for the misinformation! I didn’t realise that you needed to be a signed up developer to do this. It looks like you can only use the simulator for free.

This would be convenient, if only we had access to simulate more environments like the accelerometer, set the center of the multitouch, etc. That’s something I would pay for.

Would be very convenient indeed!

This could be done by the developer.
Make safari ‘Web Clips’ that launch Codea with parameters such as project name. URL could be like codea://bestproject

For @Siemon research Custom URL schemes for iOS