Löve + loveCodea do not work.

Hey Guys,
I have read here at the forum that you can use Löve and loveCodea to start a Codea project on the Pc. I read the instructions at buckit (https://bitbucket.org/TwoLivesLeft/core/wiki/loveCodea). I follow the instructions step by step. But if I start Löve, there is a screen with the Baby Inspector and he is telling me “No Game”. Can you help me please.

@Stoneberger I’ve never used this, but judging (and I shouldn’t) from when the loveCodea project was introduced it might not work properly or at all now. It uses a wrapper I think and Codea and Love have changed a bit since then, not drastically but enough to make errors… Just a thought!

Edit: I’m pretty sure it might still work so can you tell us the process you went through to try and get it working. Was it identical to the bitbucket tutorial?

Likely it is missing features and/or functions, however the error above doesn’t seem to have to do with that.

Hi @Stoneberger,

Love2D has just been massively updated to version 0.9 in December. The Wiki claims massive incompatibility - many commands removed/modified. See the following page:

Love2D 0.9

You need to download the old 0,8 version to use LoveCodea.lua wrapper. I still use it for simple prototype development as the interface is easier.

Good luck.



I’ve looked into updating the API for the next Ludum Dares, but IDK if I’ll have the time. :frowning:

@Zoyt, do it!

@Zoyt I looked into it a little, and if you want, I could help…

Hi @Zoyt,

If you’re thinking of updating the API then consider the new version, looks to be more compatible and broader spectrum of functionality. As a first step a list of incompatibilities and shortfalls would be an indication of the work involved. People may then offer where they have expertise.



@Briarfox, @stevon8ter, @Bri_G - No promises, but the demand is great. After v1.1 of StackIt, I’ll take a closer look and hopefully follow through. Putting it in my todo list…

@Zoyt well I’m still willing to help, or even do as much as I can on my own…

But what I already noticed is…

function ellipseMode(mode)
    loco.style.ellipsemode = mode

function rectMode(mode)
    loco.style.rectmode = mode

isn’t correct, it shouldn’t be set as mode, but it should convert the mode to the correct number :wink: also, it needs to return the number if no arguments are found

But I’ll look into this more tommorow, I’ll probably have some time to work on it then…

It do not work. Can maybe someone post a easy example of a folder with the different files (main, conf etc.). In order to see if my structure is correct.

I do it step by step as in the manual of bitbucket. But now if i start Löve 0.8.0 nothing happened. Where the folder must be the exactly and how I’d have to start t Löve exactly with the folder?

HI @Stoneberger,

I found the easiest way to install Love2D on a PC is to download the zip file not the installer. Then, depending on which OS you are using 64 or 32 bit, create a folder called LOVE in ‘C:\Program Files’ or 'C:\Program Files (x86) respectively.

Once done copy the files from the zip into that folder, and copy the LoveCodea.lua file into the folder too. If you wish to use sprites put your SpritePack folder in as well, containing any sprites you wish to use. You could alternatively put sprites or the LoveCodea.lua file into your desktop ‘Project’ folder. You will need to provide permissions to copy files into the Windows Program files folder - are you an administrator. Which Win version are you using?

Then, what I do, is make an icon on the desktop by right clicking the love.exe file in the folder then copy - move to desktop right click paste shortcut. I then create a folder for my project and create two files in it config.lua and main.lua (I use Notepad++). Example:


  function love.conf(t)
    t.title = "Hello There"        -- The title of the window the game is in (string)
    t.author = "Bri_G"        -- The author of the game (string)
    t.version = "0.8.0"         -- The LÖVE version this game was made for (string)
    t.console = false           -- Attach a console (boolean, Windows only)
    t.release = false           -- Enable release mode (boolean)
    t.screen.fullscreen = false -- Enable fullscreen (boolean)
    t.screen.vsync = true       -- Enable vertical sync (boolean)
    t.screen.fsaa = 0           -- The number of FSAA-buffers (number)
    t.modules.joystick = true   -- Enable the joystick module (boolean)
    t.modules.audio = true      -- Enable the audio module (boolean)
    t.modules.keyboard = true   -- Enable the keyboard module (boolean)
    t.modules.event = true      -- Enable the event module (boolean)
    t.modules.image = true      -- Enable the image module (boolean)
    t.modules.graphics = true   -- Enable the graphics module (boolean)
    t.modules.timer = true      -- Enable the timer module (boolean)
    t.modules.mouse = true      -- Enable the mouse module (boolean)
    t.modules.sound = true      -- Enable the sound module (boolean)
    t.modules.physics = true    -- Enable the physics module (boolean)


  if require then

  -- Use this function to perform your initial setup
  function setup()
  	speak = "Hello World!!"
  	midX = WIDTH/2
  	midY = HEIGHT/2

  -- This function gets called once every frame
  function draw()
	fill(50, 200, 100, 255)
	text("Hello World!!", midX, 300)


Note: the config.lua file is used for setting up the window and system variables, I have left a number of configurations in there - not all relevant just to show some of them.

To run the project just drag and drop the project folder onto the LOVE icon shortcut on your desktop. I've just run this and it runs fine - try changing the t.version variable in the config.lua file, say to 0.9.0 - you'll get an error but the project will then run.

There's a lot more to this. Hope it works for you - please let us know if not and what you get as a result.



@stevon8ter - Values like ellipse modes and stuff are numbers. They’re just names of variables. Try printing them out.

@Zoyt didn’t think of that xD
just read it through quickly so I didn’t see everything, like the var declarations, woops

@stevon8ter - Not worries. :slight_smile:

But I’ll still try to update maybe a few thing, that would take some of you stress away :wink:
Tho I’m not such an experienced coder, but I’ll try to find some things I can fix

I was also hoping to add shaders. No idea how hard that’ll be.

Zoyt well I can’t help you with shaders (yet) but I think it would be certainly possible, it would be a tad harder, but it should be possible, everything’s possible ;p

@stevon8ter - It’s not an issue of knowing how to use shaders. But it will be one of the bigger tasks.

@Zoyt I know, but I barely know anything of advanced lua, so let alone that I’d be able to implement some C stuff xD

But I’m sure you’ll be able to implement it :wink: