Issue Tracker and wiki

We have decided to use Bit Bucket for Codea’s issue tracker.

You can access it here:

Please fill it in with any bugs you find! We will also accept feature requests through the issue tracker, so put them there as well!

There is also a public wiki here:

You can edit this if you feel like contributing.

For a feature request, I used the type “enhancements”. Hope that was right.

Yep. We will figure it out :slight_smile:

Just so I know I’m not missing something - a wiki where to edit it you clone it in it’s entirety, edit it locally, and then do a git push? Really?

It strikes me there’s a really high barrier to entry there for most normal people.

This might be a reasonable thing to do for a mostly read-only documentation publishing system - not something collaborative like a wiki. My 2 cents.

You can edit it directly in the browser (I just did).

Did you log in? I have not yet made a bitbucket account, and there’s no edit button or link. I’ll try making an account.

yep. that was it. sigh.

That’s better. Added “OtherResources”, with links to the Lua 5.1 manual and Programming in Lua, as a ‘get my feet wet’ exercise.

Cheers for adding to the wiki! I enabled it on a whim. Good to see people use it.

Moved into FAQ