Is there any way to export Codea´s music pack?

Hey guys!

I´m trying to do my app trailer to a game competition here in my country. Is there any way to export Codea’s music pack?

iExplorer for a non jailbroken device, or a more tedious way would be to create a new project and add a music() and sound() function for each sound in the music packs then export the project to dropbox and you will have all the sounds on your drop box. To make this quicker than having loads of sound and music function calls, use:


(I think they put that function in 2.0 but I can’t see it in the reference). This returns a table with all the path names and you can use a for loop, much simpler.

Edit: you could export a fresh project and change it from auto include assets to pick the music packs, AFAIK.

@Luatee Thank you! I’ll try to do this!