Is there a way to restore 3D Lab now that it's messed up?

I suppose I must have changed something without meaning to, because the 3D Lab isn’t working correctly anymore. It’s the size slider–the bricks scale properly but the floor scales the opposite–the floor gets smaller when the bricks get bigger and vice versa. Also the bricks seem to be one brick higher than they should be–they’re kind of floating in the air above the floor.

Instead of continuing to fiddle with things to find out what’s changed, I’d like to just restore the original project from scratch. Is there some way to do that? If not, is there some way to cut and paste the original code from somewhere else?

This is weird. When i make a change in the demo projects, they are not saved.

.@UberGoober if you close the project it shouldn’t save, and next time you open it should be back to normal.

I did that and even terminated the process and no change. I found a place to insert a scale() command that almost puts things back to normal, but I agree, it’s weird.

Terminated the process again and it seems to be back to normal.