IOS Development program changes.

Thought I’d share the good news. Looks like you will be able to download xcode and sign your codea app and install it directly on your device. It appears that apple has taken away the Dev license requirments to install to a device! So the $99 dev license is not needed until you plan to release.

Sorry I was so brief, kids were waking up. This is huge for me, I had a dev license for use in a codea work app with no plans to distribute on the app store. Seemed to be a waste of a dev license. Now I can sign an app without it. It will be interesting to see if there is a limit on the number of free devices that can have the free license signed app. I highly doubt they would allow testflight, but I can hope.

They’ve also amalgamated the Mac OSX / iOS and Safari dev programs into one single program so any one with just an iOS membership can now release Mac App Store builds as well - now a desktop wrapper for Codea apps would really be useful!

exciting news indeed!

Saw this during the keynote, this is huge. I hope they’ll also allow at least Internal Testflight testing w/o a paid license.

@TechDojo, +1. I swear I had read somewhere that @John was working on one, but nothing seems to have come from it.

@JakAttak I think this is the thread. Codea for Mac would be great.