ios 8.3 problems

So i just updated to ios 8.3 and having some problems, wondering if it is just me. Using ipad 3.

Problems are, the ipad bar is always showing(battery,wifi etc), the touch zone on the tabs is lower maybe due to the ipad bar always showing, the extra keyboard buttons ( =,(),“”,indent ) take two taps before they work, and the main project list seems to translate everything to the left for a frame at the end of a touch.

I reinstalled codea which didn’t fix it, anyone else having problems?

Known bugs between Codea 2.3 and iOS 8.3. Fixes have already been made for everything but the extended keyboard not working all the time, which is a bug from iOS 8.3 that will need a temporary workaround.

Exactly same problems here, and something even worse - the run buttons are not working, neither the bottom corner one nor the keyboard one. Hope it is fixed in version 2.3.1(not approved yet).

Using iPad 4.

@CoderX the run button never works for you, at all?

Is anyone else seeing this?

Since iOS 8 the camera is not working anymore… at least not on my iPad 3

@eriksw what happens for you? Does the included Camera example not draw anything? Does Codea have permission to access your camera?

Camera works for me, iPad 3, iOS 8.3, last Codea release.

The camera is rotated for me in the beta, 90° counter-clockwise.

Using the camera example, the image is rotated 180. On iOS 8.3, and beta.

I think it’s based on your orientation. LANDSCAPE_RIGHT is 90° counter-clockwise, PORTRAIT is 180° upside-down, LANDSCAPE_LEFT is 90° clockwise, and PORTRAIT_UPSIDE_DOWN is right-side up.

Also, there’s a Lua 5.3 bug in the Cargo-Bot example: error: [string "-- Smoke.lua..."]:26: bad argument #1 to 'random' (number has no integer representation)

With the camera example, when it first starts, the image is rotated wrong, but when the iPad is rotated the image turns to the correct view.

Yes Simeon, Codea did not have access to the camera. How silly. I never denied permission as far as I remember…

@dave1707 thank you for the report, could you put that one in the issue tracker?

@SkyTheCoder did you migrate your example projects when you first upgraded to Codea 2.3? If not, you can hit “Restore Example Projects” in settings to get the fixed Cargo-Bot (and others).

@Simson I restored the example projects, and I’m still getting the same error. Does it happen for anyone else?

Yep, I get it too. Should be a simple fix with math.floor

@SkyTheCoder sorry about that, I thought I had it fixed and tested. Could you log it on the issue tracker?