Input this code! ... and you will never exit your project!

I put this code and try to exit your project with the Arrow into the left direction (exit button). To exit double tap on the Go-out button, and restart Codea, to start again. It’s something like restart in draw, but the code won’t crash.

-- setup
-- draw
    if hideKeyboard then showKeyboard() end
    if close then hideKeyboard() end

You maybe don’t understand my thread, are you? Didn’t @ignatz say not to answer to posts where you don’t know anything about?

And? Only because I found a bug that you didn’t found so you think this is a bad code. For example selecting lines and paste them on the end of your project. This is also a useless bug. Who will put all codes on the code end???

I’ll add code to the end of existing code. One reason I do that is to not key a bunch of new code. I’ll copy an existing function and paste it at the end of the code and change names to create a new function. If you kids don’t stop arguing I’ll make you sit in the corner without your iPad or Macs.

redacted, sorry, maybe you’re right about the thread

redacted OK, I’ll say it to you, until you have Mod after your name, it’s not your responsibility to maintain the forum clear of spam and useless threads. The forum is for everyone’s use to post their ideas and to learn from what’s posted. @TokOut does post a lot of things that might not be totally useful, I and the other Mods delete those posts when we see them. As far as I know, nothing of yours has ever been deleted. People usually don’t specify their ages, that’s usually inferred by the way they post. Some kids post like kids, some kids post like adults, and some adults post like kids, but for the past 4 years we’ve kept the forum clear of true spam and helped keep it useful for everyone to learn from. As for the way I respect people, that’s based on how they post. I’m not here to be liked or to like anyone here. I’m here to help when I can and to keep this forum clean and useful. I’ve seen too many other forums totally collapse from spam and I’m not willing to let that happen to this one.

I’ll close this thread now.