In which I beg for versioning


I had my code working. Really, I did. But - the x,y was flipped. So I went to change it, and somehow I’ve hosed my project, good and proper. I am at work, so I don’t have a backup from when I got it working during my all-hand’s meeting at work.

Can we get versioning? I don’t need something complex - just to be able to say “Good - bookmark this state”, then roll back to that state, would be plenty. If we could see the diff between that and current, better, but really the key is to be able to say “Ok, save this, I’m going to make changes and I may just be stupid”.

I know I can copy the project with a new name. It’s cumbersome, and I don’t want a new project, per se - I just want to save state on what I’m working on, so I can roll back.

There are desktop solutions, like git - but I don’t usually code my Codea stuff from the desktop, that’s kinda the point. And I don’t need full-on diffing and merging, it’s just me.

I beg you have pity on me. Add versioning. Something simple - I’d rather have a simple, limited solution soon than full-blown versioning a year from now.


I went and got a drink of water, repeated my daily affirmation (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”), and took a fresh look at the code - a single letter was wrong, I’m back on track.

I’d still like versioning. :slight_smile:

PS. What’s worse - giant space spider faces, or sinister alien ships? “Why not have both?” - ah, good idea.

Yes to versioning.

And I am really looking forward to this game. I’m expecting something with the immersive whoosh of the original Star Raiders, updated for the 21st Century with sharper graphics and an extra twist or two. So you know… no pressure.

+3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419… (Yes I have all that memorized. I’m considered a nerd at my school.) I need it too. I have an idea on how to do it… Let me mock it up…

I have the flower project called 1112 with backups 1113 to 1116 and some other things using 111 to 114. I had to use that structure due to a combination of the number of projects I’ve collected and I wasn’t spewing out the code for each new feature.

Side note, I forgot how long “polished” can take.

+1 million!

In many occasions, I got my projects messed up with strange characters here and there. If I got lucky, sometimes I lost the whole code of a project. It’s kinda weird, you know. Ok, it’s not. It’s because my 5 y.o kid did it. When he can’t run a project, he run to me. And suddenly I got a headache. :smiley:

Yes, a simple versioning would be really helpful. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Versioning is a feature we really want to include. I can’t devote time to it immediately, but will do so after some of the other promised features are finished.

I now officially vote to put this at the top of my wish list. Somehow, while editing my code, I managed to mangle it so that I have a parameter that is making a function complaining about it’s input. I have looked over my code several times (~1500 lines on 8 tabs) and have been unable to find it. The error only shows the function that is complaining about the input. It would be nice to have versioning, so I could have made a ‘snapshot’ before messing with stuff. But ideally, how about better error reporting - where is the bad input coming from? It is really hard to find what I assume to be a typo if it isn’t caught prior to runtime. It’s hard enough AT runtime. Sorry for the rant. I’m now going to do my 5th (yes, 5th) runthrough my code looking for the error.