in app codea keyboard glitch?

I’ve been noticing what seems to be a glitch when it comes to typing with the keyboard.

I’ll move to a line of code/commentary by finger then when I go to the keyboard try to backspace on the keyboard the radial cursor will move down to a line closer to the keyboard completely abandoning the line I had it on.

Then when I hit Backspace I delete a portion of my code.

That sounds concerning. So the cursor appears to be in one position, but after hitting backspace, it moves to another position?

I have this issue occasionally as well. I just have to force quit the app and restart.

@simeon; another keyboard issue:

  1. Open keyboard in game
  2. Exit project in-game
  3. Keyboard is still staying and the hide keyboard doesn’t work - happens sometimes.

No @Simeon it was like the keyboard was not there at all despite it being on screen while my code was not being executed. And it was just reading the position of my touch in spite of the fact that I had summoned the keyboard.

@TokOut I should have specified I was not running my code at the time. What you’re describing sounds like a


glitch. That’s not what I’m talking about. When I said in app what I meant was in the code editor.

@disorientedperson That’s what I ended up having to do to get it to stop glitching like that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Still @Simeon why do you think this happens?

Yes, @qmg, I mean also in the editor: When in the editor there is a keyboard, not hide-able

@QMG ever since iOS introduced custom / third party keyboards, their software keyboard implementation has been horrible. I have put in a lot of workarounds in Codea for various bugs that shouldn’t really be there in the first place.

I can still get the software keyboard to display in the wrong orientation on the springboard in iOS 9 (e.g., in the spotlight search field).